Congratulations to Angelica, our latest earrings winner!

(photo credit: Bri Taylor Photography)

How did you and your fiancée meet?

I (Angelica) was the understudy for Dorothy in The Wiz Jr. for Emerald City Theatre in Chicago when the cast received word that the “Wiz” had left the production 3 weeks before opening. Seeking a replacement they called in a guy (Eric) who had auditioned on a whim! When the rehearsal schedule actually brought us together I found him to be rather timid and quiet. As the newcomer to the cast, I encouraged the cast to embrace him. Eric on the other hand, far from being timid or quiet, was scoping the scene. Thus Dorothy met the Wiz! Soon after meeting, it became quite apparent that Eric was interested in being more than just castmates. I, on the other hand, didn’t date actors, let alone one I’m working with! Undeterred and unfazed, he began walking me to my car, getting coffee with me, and asked for us to have dinner. I learned Eric had auditioned for the show on a whim and as time went on, he emphatically stated, “You were meant to meet me!” And the rest, as they say, is history.

When and how did your fiancée propose to you?

Waking up on my birthday, August 16, 2018, I had no idea and no hint of what was to come. Yes, we had spoken of marriage but no time had been set. On this day, Eric had planned breakfast, a spa treatment, and afternoon tea as my birthday celebration. The day went as planned ending with tea at the Peninsula Hotel. Bringing out the desert tower, the waiter took a moment to explain each item. Because he left one unexplained, I asked about it. Quickly grabbing the small brown oval shaped box (which I thought was an edible treat) Eric gets down on one knee, opens the box and reveals the most beautiful ring I could ask for. It was beautiful because it was from Eric. He had methodically planned the day months in advance. He even sat with my father months prior to share his love for me and his desire to propose. With tears in our eyes, I joyously said yes!

What parts of your wedding do you already have planned? Any details about your upcoming celebration that you’d like to share with us?

We have set the date of Sunday, June 23, 2019. Our wedding will take place at the beautiful Carlisle in Lombard, Illinois.

What about your wedding are you most looking forward to?

Having family and friends share in the day.

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