Wedding Receptions & Event Venues

Wedding Receptions and Event Venues

Chicago Style Weddings says choosing a venue should be the very first thing you do when you have an upcoming occasion on the calendar.  Whether you are planning a wedding, birthday party, or anniversary party, the venue will set the environment for the party style.

Find your Chicago Wedding Venue
Chicago wedding venues come in all styles and sizes!  Gone are the days where you would traditionally be married in a country club or hotel ballroom setting.  Now brides and grooms have incredibly unique options to celebrate getting married at like barn wedding venues, farms, antebellum homes, rooftop venues, gardens, museums and urban settings like a refurbished cotton mill.  Seriously.  Modern day wedding settings are far more advanced than they ever used to be because engaged couples crave non-traditional options to suit their varying personalities.

Ready to book?  Here’s questions to ask your venue before you sign the contract…
How many hours does my rental fee include? Are there overtime charges? How do you charge:  per person, by the hour or a flat fee? Can I bring my own vendors or do I have to use a preferred vendor list supplied by the venue? Can I bring in my own alcohol?  Is there an alcohol minimum charge at the venue? What’s included in the wedding location rental?  Will there be other weddings or events happening on the same day?  What is the parking situation?  How many people will the space hold according to room set up?