Your Business Is Our Business

Make the most of your marketing plan.

We offer you a multi-platform marketing program to help you grow your business. You must actively pursue couples across a variety of platforms in order to reinforce your brand.

Today’s consumer is more savvy than ever before. Demand for niche wedding publications is, in fact, increasing. Scientific data shows that print continues to appeal to many and produces a deeper experience and better recall.


More than just pretty pictures, our magazines tell-it-like-it-is with real world information couples and event coordinators need to know. Our magazines are oversized coffee table books with eye-catching imagery.

  • Sold at major retailers across the state
  • Available at select wedding shows and vendor locations

Contact your sales manager today for special price options for new clients.

Digital Products

Our unique wedding directory allows you to:

  • Create your own digital profile
  • Modify your profile at any time with up to 20 photos and videos into your profile.
  • Add promotional offers, business events and more.
  • Alerts for every time a customer contacts you via our form or visits you online.

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