City wedding venues are wedding venues found in the city. Everyone loves a trip to the big city, so invite your guests to the party of the year set among the city lights. Plus, the big city makes for fantastic urban photo opportunities to experiment with your photographer too. Check out our favorite urban wedding venues below...

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Urban Wedding Venues

If you’re searching for an urban venue, you’re in luck. The big city scenery is not only beautiful, but offers a lot of different options to fit your style, budget, event size, and various requirements. Urban venues are a great choice for the couple that likes convenience, sophistication, and variety all wrapped into one. In a city, you could find a high-end hotel, an industrial loft, a museum or arts center, or a restaurant. Bigger cities will even have some unique venue options like the zoo or a baseball field that could accommodate your event.

Urban wedding venues will be located closely to overnight options for out-of-town guests, airports for those coming from faraway, things to do for the whole weekend, and a nightlife for the younger crowd. Keep in mind, however, that parking and traffic can be an issue on the day of, so make sure you factor in travel for your guests in your budget and schedule. Don’t, however, fall victim to the assumption that a city will be more expensive when booking your wedding. There will be so much variety around you that it will be easy to find the best deals at an urban venue that fits all your desires and requirements.