Congratulations to Rachel and David, our latest honeymoon winners! Following their wedding, the newlyweds will be jetting off on their CSW honeymoon, courtesy of Half Moon Jamaica. All Photos by Brittania Drew Photo & Video.

honeymoon winners
Their Love Story:

“Our paths first crossed as starry-eyed, winter interns at a consulting firm here in Chicago during the winter of 2014. A few weeks into our internship, David walked me to a store after work so I wouldn’t have to walk alone. On our way,  a homeless man stopped us and said, “Hey! You all make a good looking couple!” Having never thought of each other in that light, we spent the remainder of the internship joking about it and laughing with each other from across the conference table. Those two months passed quickly and we returned to our respective schools  to finish our degrees.”

Fast forward almost two years, we were brought back together after both accepting offers extended from our previous internship together. Back in Chicago, the connection was magnetic, though still a budding friendship. Our first kiss was a few months later on the back of the Anita Dee yacht while on a sunset cruise over Lake Michigan with our goofy mutual work friends (now lifelong friends) teasing us from afar. Over the past three and a half years, our deep friendship has endured and blossomed into the most rewarding relationship.”

honeymoon winners
honeymoon winners

“David proposed to me shortly before Christmas. I had just returned from a three-week work trip to India and was still a bit jet-lagged when he whisked me away to a surprise day at the spa. He bought me a new outfit and took me out to dinner to celebrate our Christmas together before we were to leave for Wisconsin to do Christmas with his family.”

After dinner, we returned to my apartment to exchange Christmas gifts. (Of course, I had to choose this holiday to gift him the underwear he had been asking for!) When it was my turn, I opened this beautiful photo album, entitled “The Beginning,” filled with memories of our many travels together with keepsakes from various occasions stuck in the pages. He had even kept the first Valentine’s Day card I had ever given him! Already tearing up, I approached the end – a blank page where a picture should go with that day’s date (December 22, 2017). My curiosity was short-lived as I looked up and he was on his knee with tears rolling down his cheeks as he asked “Will you marry me?” Yes, yes, forever yes!”

Honeymoon Winners

“David and I will share our vows at Fourth Presbyterian Church in June 2018 and are thrilled to work with our florist, Trablume, to create a romantic outdoor garden at Galleria Marchetti in La Pergola space, and for our photographers, Brittania Drew, to capture our Big Day so we can relive it for the rest of our lives!”

I am most looking forward to the look on David’s face as I walk down the aisle toward him and to pledge our undying love for each other before God and all our friends and family. I cannot wait to start our new life together!”

We are so grateful to ChicagoStyle Weddings for the amazing honeymoon to which we are very much looking forward, especially during these cold, snowy Chicago days.”

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