At your Outdoor wedding venue the fresh air might be your favorite guest. The chance of rain not so much. You've certainly got you've options to consider when picking an outdoor wedding venue and pre-planning for plan should certainly be on your list. Not to worry, the venue staff at an outdoor wedding venue is experienced with this and will guide you during the process. Explore our favorite outdoor wedding venue locations below...

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Outdoor Wedding Venues

Who doesn’t love a good outdoor wedding?! These kinds of weddings are arguably the most blank space weddings, open to whatever kind of vision you can dream up for your wedding. Stunning tents with string lights and amazing uplighting, dancing the night away under the stars, or hanging lanterns up in the trees? Yes, yes, and yes!

Outdoor brides are those girls who have always dreamed of being married in nature, surrounded by flowers and trees and water and all of those natural elements that are gorgeous and organic. Outdoor weddings can have stunning views, be right on the water, have gardens, and full service wedding staff all for the comfort of your big day. Outdoor venues are every venue rolled into one, and who doesn’t love not having to compromise on dream decor!?

Tents are the best route to take when having an outdoor wedding, due to unpredictable weather. A good tent and lighting can make a wedding atmosphere super romantic, giving the feeling of being indoors while enjoying your big day under the stars.

A great place to start looking for outdoor wedding venues is local state parks, which are normally so picturesque and stunning for backgrounds. And renting them is so much cheaper than going the traditional venue route, ranging anywhere from $100-1500.

Always weigh the pros and cons though!  Outdoor wedding venues do have drawbacks that some bride’s may not feel comfortable accepting. Make sure to check local guidelines to see if there are time restrictions, such as with state parks and the fact that they close around 5pm, and don’t make great reception venues for evening events. Sound restrictions can also be a pain with you are fond of dancing the night away, so make sure that the sound ordinances around your venue allow for loud music. Food and alcohol could also become an issue with state park rules and regulations.

And then there were bugs. With outdoor weddings comes the very high chance of bugs ruining the evening by swarming the food and guests. Having your venue sprayed down by a maintenance person or offering bug spray is a good way to fix this however.