Ballroom wedding venues are the grandest of them all. Set among the classiest hotels you'll find these chic spaces featuring grand chandeliers, magical lighting and impeccable service staff and the most advanced sound systems for your wedding day entertainment.

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Ballroom Wedding Venues

Maybe it’s a cliche that brides want to feel like a princess on their wedding day, but it’s still a pretty worthy goal. And what better way to feel like a princess than having your day in a ballroom venue? These venues are best for the bride that is looking for a more formal wedding–a casual wedding atmosphere could be overwhelmed by and look out of place in the space. However, evening wear and luxurious decor look right at home.

Ballroom wedding venues are large rooms with typically unobstructed, open space throughout and a traditionally polished floor for dancing. Many will have beautiful preexisting details in their architecture as well as intricate lighting like chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. These are easy to incorporate into your wedding decoration and will add a note of sophistication to the event. Ballrooms are characterized by a refined opulence

Large weddings are perfectly suited to these ballroom venues as they tend to accommodate a great number of guests and the open space will allow you to plan out the day unhindered by considerations of obstructions. Many will have bridal suites and other space options for cocktail hours and ceremonies.

Ballrooms–as it refers to only one room–can be found in a variety of places (resorts, hotels, even museums), so the services that you’ll find will vary with the ballroom’s home. Most ballrooms, however, will be used almost exclusively for weddings and events and will be equipped with kitchens, staff, onsite catering, tables, chairs, and the like. In the same vein, venue pricing will cover a wide range depending on the location of the ballroom. Ballroom venues are the perfect choice for the epicurean couple looking for luxury in every aspect of their day. A ballroom will instill a sense of grandeur and splendor to a wedding before the details even come into place.