Nicole thought she was going on a walking tour of Chicago, but Kevin had a secret proposal planned with a professional photographer to capture the big moment! All photos by Kristin Bernice: Photography.
kevin nicole chicago engagement
How did you first meet each other?

We met in high school and started dating when we were only 15! Freshman year we had a lot of classes together and our lockers were only a couple apart. He played on the football team and I was a cheerleader. Our high school math teacher, Mr. Bassler, voted us “most likely to go to prom together senior year” and we were both grossed out and couldn’t even imagine that happening. It wasn’t until the summer going into our sophomore year that something changed and we started to fall for each other.

How did Kevin propose?

For our 10 year anniversary, Kevin told me that we were going to do a walking tour in downtown Chicago. He said when he purchased the tour there was an option to get a photographer and since I always complain we don’t have enough pictures he thought it would be perfect! He printed a fake receipt and everything. We met our photographer and started what I thought was a tour. The weather was absolutely perfect with a beautiful blue sky and bright sunshine.

It was just us and our photographer, who was only taking cute photos of us and not really giving us any type of tour. I was okay with it though because I have always wanted to get cute couple photos. Halfway through our “tour” we were near The Adler Planetarium with the skyline in the background. Our photographer told us to face each other and look into each other’s eyes and then all the sudden Kevin got down on one knee.  I was shocked but so happy. He said a bunch of sweet romantic things but we both pretty much blacked out and can’t remember what was said except for “Will you marry me?”. I couldn’t believe the day I had hoped for since I was 15 had come. We continued what was really an engagement photo shoot afterward and got some amazing shots thanks to our awesome photographer, Kristin! After our photo shoot was done, Kevin told me no one knew and it was a total secret. I FaceTimed all my family and friends and it turns out almost everyone knew it was coming! My mom, dad, and Aunt Laura were all waiting for us back at my aunt’s condo in Old Town. Having this moment photographed was so amazing. I look back at our engagement pictures almost every day and it makes me smile. He did such a great job surprising me!

Have you begun planning for your Big Day?

We have set the date for 8/8/2020 at The Haight in Elgin, Illinois. The venue is absolutely gorgeous. It is a 129-year-old warehouse with original wood, exposed brick walls, and string lights across the ceilings. It is very rustic and exactly what we were looking for! We are using Cuisine America for our catering. My engagement ring is from Monson Jewelers and the owner Tim is amazing. We are still figuring out all of the other details!

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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