Nervous about pulling off the perfect first dance at your wedding? The entertainment professionals at Chicago Wedding DJs dropped by the blog with their best tips for making your first dance a memorable moment that everyone will enjoy! All photos provided by Chicago Wedding DJs.
chicago wedding djs first dance

1. Learn to Dance

There’s no way around it. You’re going to have to practice. This might be something you think you should just do in the kitchen or in a group class, but the best way is to take private lessons. There the teacher can focus on your weakness and strengths to help you choreograph the perfect first dance routine.

2. Check Out Online Videos

One of the best places to get inspiration is online. The recent trend of styled wedding dances will give you some great ideas. You can get plenty ideas of what you’d like to do as well as what you’d like to avoid. Hopefully your first dance wedding video will be one that inspires other couples!

3. Have Fun!

You might have heard this before, but wedding planning could use a little more fun. So much of your wedding planning together will mirror how you and your partner work as a couple. Dance is really a powerful way to connect. Once you’ve chosen the right song, you’ll be ready to get into the experience of designing a memorable dance. With the right attitude, you’ll both have fun with the mistakes as well as when it goes right!

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