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2501, 2018

5 Ways to Find Your Perfect Home

First comes love, then comes marriage, and next comes finding the home of your dreams! Whether you're searching for your very first house or an upgrade from your current digs, this quick house hunting guide is sure to come in handy. Written by Alice Martsinkovsky. Figure out what your 'perfect home' looks like. Grab a piece of paper and ...Read more

2401, 2018

Tips For Writing Your Own Vows

So, you’ve decided to write your very own personalized wedding vows, but are suffering from a terrible case of writer’s block. Not to worry! Before you crumple up and throw away one more piece of notebook paper, here are some tips for writing your own vows! Written by Micaela Fischer. Photo by  Erin Hoyt Photography  Make sure everyone’s on ...Read more

1601, 2018

Should You Have a Holiday Wedding?

The idea of a holiday wedding might be fun and romantic, but have you thought about it from all angles? There might be some consequences you haven’t considered! Written by Micaela Fischer. Photo by Erin Hoyt Photography. If you recently got engaged, you’ve probably considered having your wedding on or near a holiday. It’s easy to see the appeal. ...Read more

1201, 2018

Local Love: Yahaira & Ashton at Architectural Artifacts

Yahaira and Ashton brought a vibrant dose of New Orleans flair to their Chicago celebration. All photos by Jasko Omerovic Photography. "Ironically, Ashton and I moved to Chicago at almost the same time during the summer of 2010 from New Orleans, LA, and Cleveland, OH respectively. We met in 2015 on an online dating site, and met each in person ...Read more

801, 2018

Local Love: Michelle & Daniel at Chicago Cultural Center

Michelle and Dan honored their differing cultural backgrounds with two gorgeous ceremonies. All photos by Studio This Is. "According to the mobile dating app on our phones called Happn, our paths crossed somewhere on the streets of Chicago back in the Spring of 2015.  Although neither of us can remember at this point where exactly we crossed routes, we ...Read more

401, 2018

10 Amazing Chicago Weddings from 2017

We're already so excited for all of the gorgeous Chicago weddings that 2018 has in store but before we dive in,  we wanted to take a quick look back at some of our favorite weddings on the blog from 2017 (in no particular order). Click the couples' names to see their full features! Saba & Salman at Pazzo's ...Read more

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