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Everyone! That’s right. You don’t have to be an advertiser of The Celebration Society to feature your work on The Celebration Society. All you need is to create a free company profile to access our dashboard and you can instantly start uploading (and publishing) your best work.

Nope. You can upload events that have been featured elsewhere. Our goal is for you to have a place to feature your complete portfolio in a marketing channel that will bring your work more eyeballs than just being shared on your website. Keep in mind that whatever you share on The Celebration Society may limit your ability to publish it to an “exclusive” wedding media in the future.

Absolutely, but keep in mind that submissions in Two Bright Lights won’t be published as quickly as those uploaded through the “My Events” tool.

If you think your event would be perfect for an upcoming print feature in The Celebration Society magazine, the best thing to do is to set up your free basic listing (or full profile!). You’ll automatically be added to our communication list. We’ll put out a call to all members to submit their events when we’re gearing up for our print issues!

Nothing if you are a digital advertiser! You can upload events for free. Learn more about advertising here.

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