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These photographers and videographers know how to best capture life's most precious memories from your wedding or celebration that you'll cherish now and for many years to come.
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Photography and Video Professionals

The memories of your special event will last a lifetime, but photographs and video are here to make sure those memories breach the generations. Choosing your photographer and videographer is no mean feat and a lot of research and planning should go into the decision.

First you need to decide what style of photography and videography you’d like to memorialize your event. There are a few different styles of photography to choose from. You can opt for a more traditional photographer, a film photographer, a documentary photographer. Peruse the photographer’s gallery of images and decide whether that style is one that would suit your event. See where the photographer’s talent really shows (portraits, candids, group shoes, etc.) and decide which shots are most important to you.

Many photography companies also offer videography services, and the possible styles are just as varied. “Point-and-shoot” videographers are budget friendly, but the style can get a bit tedious for a memorialization of the event. Documentary-style videographers will cost a bit more as the after-event editing process can take anywhere from 30-60 hours. This style, however, lends itself to a more enjoyable viewing experience. Getting your event recorded on 8 or 16 mm film creates an experience that is near art, but the process is a luxurious choice.

Professional event photographers will likely charge between $3000 and $6000+, with pricing changing based on experience, demand, and packages offered. If your photographer provides videography services as well, it is likely they’ll offer a package for both services. If you choose an independent videographer, pricing can range anywhere from $1,000 to $5000+ depending on your choice of style and the services offered.

Questions to ask your photography vendor: What is your primary style of photography/videography? How long after the event will the photographs/video be ready? What happens if the photographer/videographer is ill on the day of the wedding? Is there an additional charge for a second photographer/videographer?