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Chicago Country Club Wedding Venues

The country club event host has a certain style about her. Chances are you love country club venues for the sprawling landscape, well-groomed gardens, and all-to-yourself atmosphere. For brides, grooms, and party planners in Chicago country clubs are easy to find. From North Chicago all the way to Aurora west of the city, Illinois and the greater Chicago area have plenty of country club venues to host your special event. The Celebration Society is the perfect place to start your search. Narrow down your many country club event venue options around Chicago by searching with proximity, occupancy, and budget in mind.

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Chicago Country Club Event Venues

There is a simple elegance to a country club wedding venue, especially when it’s located in or around the Windy City. Brides looking to whisk their guests off into an exclusive setting will love the one-party-at-a-time country clubs setting for their big day. Your Chicago wedding photographer will undoubtedly love the elegant architecture of the country club, not to mention the pristine greens and gardens.

There’s a reason country clubs have reigned as the supreme location to host your special day for so many years—they’re classic. Brides who fall in love with country club wedding venues likely have a traditional style all their own. Hydrangeas, peonies, and other romantic blooms will surely make their way into the wedding floral design crafted exclusively for your event by your Chicago wedding florist.

When planning your country club wedding, it’s important to keep that elusive exclusivity in mind. Before simply walking in the door expecting to sign on the dotted line, talk to the venue event manager about the necessary steps to host your event in the club. Oftentimes, country clubs and other city clubs will require a membership or sponsor connection to welcome your guests in the doors. It’s crucial to bring your Chicago wedding planner along on any tours and consult meetings to ensure you are making the most of your time, design, and budget when in the Chicago club setting.

Seating charts and event space design will likely be a snap for your Chicago wedding planner to sort out, but knowing decor restrictions and other limitations ahead of time is key to hosting a speed bump-free wedding day celebration. Chat with the club about catering options, as this will impact your decision-making process. Chances are, your Chicago country club wedding venue will be equipped to host your event with minimal outside aid necessary! Country club contracts can be a bit tricky to navigate without a trained eye. Bringing in help from the wedding industry pros and working with a reputable, experienced staff at a Chicago country club wedding venue is essential in creating the celebration you’ve always dreamed of without nightmarish confusion, misinformation, and DIYing. Don’t go it alone. Country clubs are a classic venue choice, finding the exclusive-club venue that best suits your personal style is a breeze when you enlist the help of wedding industry professionals with a little help from The Celebration Society.