Chicago Bridal Salons

Finding a wedding dress that meets your style standards can prove a tricky task. With so many wedding dress designers, dress silhouettes, and price points, shopping for a wedding dress can quickly become overwhelming. Finding the Chicago Bridal Salon perfectly suited to aid in finding the ideal look for your big day can cut down on the stress. Scroll through these Chicago Bridal Salons to find the place you will want to say yes to the dress in the Windy City.

Chicago Bridal Salons

Wedding dress shopping is not for the faint of heart. When planning a Bridal Salon visit, it’s important to keep some ground rules in mind. Before you arrive, call, email, or fill out a form on the Bridal Salon’s website. Oftentimes, Bridal Salons in Chicago are open by appointment only. You might even find that many of these Chicago Bridal Salons only offer one bride and appointment slot at a time, so you definitely don’t want to intrude on another woman’s special appointment by casually walking in the door.

Experts encourage brides to start window shopping online, sticking to a budget breakdown with your Chicago wedding planner and choosing a formality as soon as possible. Actual shopping for the dress no less than nine months in advance to ensure the most selection, time for alteration and stress free selection process. The dress ought to be purchased no less than eight months in advance, with the fittings falling three months, two months, and two to three weeks before saying ‘I do.’ Checking out these Chicago Bridal Salon profiles and websites is best resource for learning exactly what designers each salon carries. If you have your heart set on trying on a specific style, call and ask if it’s in stock! There is a good chance that if that salon don’t already carry it, they can get in in on loan just for your appointment.

It’s also helpful to know your everyday style before setting foot in a Chicago Bridal Salon. Do you tend to gravitate towards embellished tops or plain tee shirts? It sounds silly, but knowing these details about yourself will help your consultant narrow down the racks of various wedding dress silhouettes and details to a few key gowns to make you feel your best. Even brides who think they know exactly what they want their wedding dress to look like are often stunned that the in-real-life version of the gown isn’t everything they hoped it would be. The simplest advicekeep the style of your Chicago wedding venue in mind. Matching the formality of your gown to the event you will be hosting will feel like a natural fit.

Another key planning factor to keep in mind before setting the date to say yes to the dress? Know your appointment guest list and budget. It’s important to bring trusted, kind, and loving friends and family members with you to this appointment. It’s also important that everyone attending the appointment is aware of the budget, so there isn’t any outside pressure to try own gowns outside the limitations. A professional bridal consultant, like any of those who work for the Chicago Bridal Salons featured below, will keep your wedding dress budget in mind when making selections. Wedding dress pricing is going to range enormously depending on designer, intricacy of details (like lace or beading), and how much of the gown is custom. As a rule of thumb, the average designer wedding dress today  is going to cost anywhere from $2,000-$6,000.