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Three major reasons why all brides should have a wedding planner.

To hire a wedding planner or not to hire a wedding planner is a question that every engaged couple faces before their big day. Some couples who opt out of bringing in the extra pair of hands are worried about the price tag or simply feel that they can manage the celebration on their own or with the wedding coordinator of a venue (more on that in a minute). Between the creative solutions, the budget control, and the experienced coordination, hiring a wedding planner will help make the absolute best of your wedding in the three ways you will need it most.

Executing the Vision

Even if you’re the owner of an expertly curated Pinterest wedding board and have the most minute details of your affair ironed out, you shouldn’t count out a wedding planner. The scoop on where to order the most vibrant calla lilies or where to find a chic barn won’t appear out of thin air. Web searches can also leave you with a ton of options but no guarantees. This is where a wedding planner can take the reins. Not only are they savvy when it comes to lining up the perfect vendors, they can provide more unique and budget-friendly location options.

Many wedding planners belong to bridal associations and have built-in connections across major cities. They know just where to go to find the rare decor you’re attached to and can negotiate contracts before you sign them. They’re also able to view your event with objectivity and experience so they can prevent any risky decisions in the making. For example, while you may be more focused on holding your ceremony on a river bank for the sentimental value and gorgeous photos, a wedding planner will know to focus on whether the area is prone to spring flooding and needs to be cleared by an engineer.

Another thing to keep in mind is that there is a difference between a wedding coordinator and a wedding planner. Wedding coordinators that come paired with venues are limited in scope and are ultimately there to work for their facility, not find a fix for your rained out seating plan. However, with a wedding planner on your team, you will be guaranteed to have help pulling off every aspect of your vision.

Keeping the Budget

Aside from executing the vision for their wedding, brides also need to figure out how much they want to spend on their nuptials. More importantly, they need to plan how they will spend it successfully. Imagine estimating and maintaining costs for your wedding when you have absolutely no idea what the average wedding invitation should cost (yikes!).  If you want to avoid budgeting snafus, a wedding planner is your best bet. It’s their job to be knowledgeable on the going market prices for all things bridal so you don’t have to – and in all honesty, so you’re not signing off on overpriced items. Elevated centerpieces are all the rage right now and a wedding and means. They’ll provide personal recommendations for allocating your budget and advise you on where to pare down the celebration to keep things in balance. They are also privy to discounts and know the best times to buy certain things because of their role in the industry. For instance, they’ll know that venues are more affordable in February but because of Valentine’s Day, you’ll shell out whatever you saved in flowers. If you’re not stressed over cost, you’ll be able to focus more on enjoying your wedding and whoever is funding your wedding will thank you (and your wedding planner) later!

Maintaining Organization

Lastly, a wedding planner can help you arrange your wedding in the most efficient way. Picture this: after quite a bit of back and forth, you’ve secured a couple of vendors near the beginning of your engagement period. The average engagement lasts 15 months and now, three months before you’re set to say I do, you need to remember what exactly the vendor promised almost a year ago when it arrives. Rather than sift through emails, a binder of papers or – heaven forbid – your own memory, a wedding planner will have all of those details in check for you.

Wedding planners can be dedicated to tasks like handling all of your bridal purchases and directing the ceremony or nuances like the flowers or the reception. They’ll be the ones to worry about who will be doing which task and any other questions that are going into the day, saving you headache and time. In addition to a day-of timeline, some wedding planners have an online planning cloud that stores vendors, contracts, contacts and other relevant information that is easily searchable by keyword. So if you’re on the go and need an answer, it will not only be a breeze to find but neatly streamlined. Some brides may be fortunate enough to have ample time to organize the wedding of their dreams, but chances are they could still use a helping hand. This becomes especially true if both partners work.

Every bride and groom wants to have a wedding that will remain special to them for years to come and a wedding planner’s time is dedicated to that. They will set up venue walk-throughs, make the necessary phone calls and follow-up with any vendors or contracts as needed so that you can focus on the fun things like looking glamorous for your bridal shower and showing up to the cake tasting. It’s one of the only times you’ll be able to have a time-saving fairy godmother who has an unlimited wish bank – and for one of the most important days of your life!


Written by Nesa Mangal
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