Indie Wed and Naturally Yours Events teamed up with ChicagoStyle Weddings and some delicious craft beers to deliver a refreshingly unique twist on the traditional wedding expo at Artifact Events. All photos by Ryan Moore Photography
Invitations, gowns, photographers, lighting, floral, decor, cakes… nearly every type of wedding vendor imaginable was represented at Wedtoberfest. And the event didn’t just include a wide variety of vendors- it included the best and brightest from each category, allowing brides and grooms to get a taste not only of great beer, but of their dream wedding. 
The event worked hard to combine a casual wedding show with all the fun of a beer festival. Guests received a souvenir tasting glass, an extensive array of beer samples, and got inspired by the very best of Chicago’s small-business artisans.
Wedtoberfest started in 2013 and is a one-night-only event but the “real” Oktoberfest is hundreds of years old and spans a sixteen-day period. Wedtoberfest pays homage to this feisty and festive German holiday with great drinks, invigorating music  and a bright and cherry atmosphere.
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