Lynette Velez from the Montgomery Club explains why this beautiful Chicago venue is so much more than just a pretty space.


Couples looking to host wedding receptions in Chicago have hundreds of options. What makes the Montgomery Club so unique?
Like all Gibsons Restaurant Group locations, the Montgomery Club offers couples an unparalleled level of personalized service. Our team prides ourselves in keeping dedicated service at the forefront of everything we do, and that’s something that you just don’t see everywhere. Another exceptionally unique quality is that the Montgomery Club allows couples to customize a menu that’s elegant, supremely delicious, and entirely their own. When creating their dream menu, couples can pull dishes from the menus of any of the Gibsons locations-Gibsons Bar&Steakhouse, Hugo’s Frog Bar&Fish House, LUXBUR, and Quartino Ristorante- which allows them to give their reception an incredibly personal touch. Our full service kitchen is dedicated the couple’s event and their event only, which allows the Montgomery Club to give wedding guests a hard-to-come-by luxury: they can pick their entrees onsite rather than pre-ordering them. Finally, the Montgomery Club offers couples an event team to act as their day-of coordinator.


How is the Montgomery Club able to cater to different couples?The Montgomery Club is a stunningly versatile venue with a neutral palate that allows us to transform our space in so many different ways. Our high ceilings allow for almost any type of decor, and we’re ready and willing to turn our venue into the reception space that our couples have been dreaming of. Our events team can provide couples with a list of recommended vendors, but we’re willing to work with any business or company that the couples chooses. We also schedule an event manager and 1-2 event captains to monitor each reception, which provides the celebrations with extra attention to detail.


How does the Montgomery host small, intimate receptions vs. big, boisterous ones? 
The beauty of The Montgomery Club is that it’s the perfect venue to host receptions of any and all sizes. The Chicago Room maxes out at 120 guests and is perfect for lowkey cocktail receptions and intimate rehearsal dinners, naturally lending itself to long, banquet-style tables. The Super Room can host as many as 300 guests for seated events and 800 for cocktail receptions, and is totally capable of handling even the largest of receptions. Many brides end up utilizing both spaces. Another great feature of the Montgomery Club is that since its part of Gibsons Restaurant Group, couples can host their reception at the club but hold their shower, rehearsal dinner or post-wedding brunches at one of the other Gibsons Group locations. It always makes us happy to have the privilege of being so involved with a couple’s wedding, beyond just the wedding day!
Does the Montgomery Club only do traditional sit-down dining service, or are self-serving food stations an option?
We do it all! Sit down service is classic, traditional and always an option for our couples, but many also like to feature passed hors d’oeuvres during the cocktail reception. We’ve also found that live chef stations are a huge hit, so offer a LOT of them- carving stations, sushi, pasta, crab cake, tacos, desserts, pretty much anything the couple wants. Live chef stations add a great sense of interaction to the event, and offer guests a bounty of delicious food without structured sit-down service.

If couples are struggling to choose between traditional sit-down dining service and self-serving food stations, how would you advise them ?

Believe it or not, the parents of the bride and groom play an important role in this decision! We usually recommend reserving tables for the parents and close family no matter which type of dining service you choose to go with. We tend to find that if you tell the parents that they’re guaranteed a seat with their close friends and family, they’re much more likely to get on board with food stations and other non-traditional dining trends that are becoming more and more popular with couples. If a couple simply just can’t decide which route to take, we’re more than happy to serve up the best of both words. We can offer exciting live chef stations during the cocktail hour then follow that up with a seated dinner. Dessert can then be laid out on a gorgeous table or hand delivered by our dedicated staff.
What are your tips for couples in the market for wedding reception venues and caterers?Find a space that you love and a team you can work with.  The next year of your life will be spent working alongside the vendors that you choose, so make sure the partnership feels right to you and your partner.  Pick the top three things that are important to you and communicate this to the team you choose so they can make your vision come to fruition. But most importantly, when the Big Day finally arrives, don’t forget to relax and enjoy the day.  Have confidence that your vendor team will carry out all of the little details you spent hours researching, discussing, and planning.


Why does the Montgomery Club like doing weddings?
Gibsons Restaurant Group specializes in making your occasions and events more special and memorable than you ever dreamed they would be. One of the key company values that the Montgomery Club and its sister locations were built on is the desire to go the extra mile and deliver an experience that both couples and guests will cherish for the rest of their lives. We love hosting events of all kinds, but we can’t help feeling an extra bit of enjoyment when we’re part of a happy couple’s biggest day. To learn more about the Montgomery Club and  Gibsons Restaurant Group, head over to their websites or get in contact with their staff. Like getting the inside scoop? is chock full of articles and interviews like this, so be sure to check them all out.