The talented and gorgeous Ashley La Fleur, owner and lead planner of La Belle Fleur Events, just got engaged and it was adorable. Read on to hear her sweet story and see the wonderful engagement images by Artistrie Co.!

The week of the proposal, my friend Bianca of Estera Events offered to take me to get my nails done for my birthday. Even though my birthday is a month away, I thought nothing of it considering our busy work and travel schedules. A couple of nights before it happened, Connor mentioned that he wanted to go to brunch on Sunday. While I love brunch, Sundays are my day to attend to my favorite barre class. I thought it was a little odd, and I mentioned that I really wanted to attend barre. He said that he thought it would be nice to go to my favorite brunch spot Lula to celebrate the start of wedding season. Again, I mentioned that maybe we could go after barre class, and that’s when he said he made reservations. I thought something was up because Lula doesn’t accept reservations on the weekends, and he said that he lied and said it was his birthday. If anything, I just thought he really wanted brunch, so I went along with it. The night before it happened, I started to piece together that it all seemed a little too coincidental, but I really didn’t think we would be getting engaged until the fall.

The morning of the proposal, we went to Lula for brunch and while I thought the staff kept looking at me weird, I didn’t want to read into it that much. We had plans to visit Garfield Park Conservatory, so after brunch we headed straight there. I saw Connor texting throughout brunch, but he was so quick to say it was a friend that I didn’t think much of it!

We walked into the conservatory, and I saw the perfect entrance filled with plants. I quickly took a snap…if only I had known only moments later we would be engaged! I looked at him and said, “This is just so pretty!” We walked only a few steps further, and he turned to me. I saw him looking at me a little odd, and I just thought, “He really is proposing!” He started to get on one knee, and I just kept saying, “Oh my God, what is happening? What is going on?” He asked me if I would marry him, and I didn’t even say anything except that! (Oops…) He had to say it twice!

After finally saying yes, I asked, “Who else knew about this?” That’s when he points behind me and says, “Your mom and Ashley.” The whole time my mom was hiding watching, and my dear friend, Ashley Biess of Artistrie Co., was photographing the proposal! As you can see from the photos, I was stunned. I was so excited about the proposal, and so happy that my mom was there to witness it. We took a few photos around the conservatory, and then decided to head to get some champagne before going home.

As I begin walking inside to my place, I noticed a purse on the floor that I knew wasn’t my mom’s. All of our friends were waiting for us at our place to celebrate! Connor even had my best friend from St. Louis come up for the event! I was so overwhelmed, excited and in awe of how everyone came together to celebrate such a wonderful day. We spent a couple of hours drinking champagne, eating cake, and celebrating with everyone. It was truly perfect for me, and I am so happy that we not only had that time together, but with our friends, too. I am even more grateful that it was photographed because the proposal goes so fast, and for me, it felt like everything was a blur. Being able to see it in photographs truly means the world to me. Not only that, but friends and family that couldn’t be there could see it, too.


























































Photography: Artistrie Co. // Venue: Garfield Park Conservatory
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