A wedding anniversary is a joyous occasion, no matter if you have been married for one, six, 16 or 35 years or more. But while the day is definitely celebration-worthy, your pocketbook may or may not agree with your gift giving desires.

Fortunately, there are a wide variety of meaningful and romantic ways to celebrate your wedding anniversary—some spendy, some thrifty and some in between. For example, check out these fun and special ideas:

Inexpensive: Make your own card

Since store-bought anniversary cards can cost upwards of $5, put your money towards a nice lunch out with your sweetie and make your own romantic card that expresses how much you love your sweet baboo. Everyone appreciates a hand-written note filled with sentiment. So spend some time creating a lovely card that includes how important your spouse is to you. If you struggle at times to find the right words, check out these short and sweet phrases of love from Busy Teacher. They will give you some great ideas on how to tell your significant other that you love him or her.

Inexpensive: Unplug for an evening

Give your sweetie the gift of your undivided attention. Set your smartphones, tablets and computers aside and spend an anniversary evening enjoying each other’s company. Get take out from your favorite restaurant, bake a batch of cupcakes and play a board game or two in front of the fireplace, or head outside and gaze at the stars.

Moderate: Take a day trip

As LifeHack notes, one of the most memorable ways to celebrate a wedding anniversary is to experience something new together. If you have been meaning to check out a nearby town forever, plan a road trip. Load up on snacks and beverages and make some playlists with your favorite current songs and the songs you both loved when you first met, and go on an adventure. Plan to have lunch or dinner along the way and set some money aside for silly souvenirs.

Moderate: Do something your partner loves

A great way to show your love for your sweetie is to announce that you will finally accompany your partner to ballroom dancing classes, Zumba, ice skating lessons, a golf tourney, or whatever your honey loves that you are not wild about. It doesn’t have to be super expensive. Merely supporting your spouse will go a long way. If you don’t want to participate, you can watch from the sidelines and cheer your honey on.

Expensive: Re-create your honeymoon

If you have the time off and the money in the budget, and if you have been hoping to return to the place where you honeymooned many moons ago, now is the time. If you loved the hotel, book the same room if possible and surprise your sweetie with plane tickets and accommodations ready to go.

Expensive: A twist on traditional yearly gifts

You have probably seen those anniversary gift lists based on how many years you have been married—for example, the first year anniversary is the paper year and the twenty-fifth is silver. Check out the list on Happy Anniversary, find your upcoming anniversary and plan an extra fancy gift based on the suggestions. For example, leather is the traditional and modern gift for the third anniversary, so surprise your honey with the leather couch he or she has always wanted. Or if you are coming up on your fourteenth anniversary, give an elephant-friendly version of the suggested ivory gift and spring for a pool table for your game room.