Elegant and whimsical, the Spring 2017 Collection from Sabrina Dahan has fun, colorful details, soft, floaty fabrics and lots to love. The gowns are fun and all have something a little bit different about them without losing that beloved bridal feeling.Here’s what Sabrina Dahan’s company had to say about this new collection:

“Inspired by the great impressionist to bathe in the choice to express with colors, light, and space – Sabrina Dahan’s Spring 2017 collection is full of movement, colorful strokes and less unified looks. Creating her own modern movement in a world of white, Sabrina Dahan emulates the beautiful scenes from the classics through hand beaded leaves and flowers on bouquets of tulle, by using a colorful palette positioned loosely around beautiful necklines and by designing movement with layers upon layers of floral beading.

“The whimsy of the gowns depicts fun and the freedom to express ones self on one of the most important days of your life, Sabrina Dahan was looking to capture that feeling forever in her gowns – like the impressionists were able to capture beautiful fleeting moments from France in the 1800s. The collection is book ended by inspiration of the lasting moments in museums today – framed in lux brocade frames. Sabrina Dahan was inspired to incorporate brocade-like beaded patterns and refined color palettes to complete her masterpiece of a collection.”

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