Real Wedding: Maggie + Mike

Maggie and Mike’s celebration at Pazzo’s at 311 was overflowing with love, laughter, and purple decor. All photos by Monahan Photography.

Maggie, on how she and Mike met…

“We met in Little Rock through a dating app. We went on our first date to a cheese maker because I like cheese and Mike knew the owner, leaving him an escape route if necessary. Our next date was at a pizza place, so more cheese, which seems to be the cement in our relationship.”

Maggie, on how she knew that Mike was the perfect person for her…

“When Mike and I went climbing at an indoor climbing center and I was struggling with the mental aspect of climbing, he patiently coached me back onto the wall and up to the top. I knew then that he was a pretty darn good partner both for climbing and for life.”

Mike, on how he knew that Maggie was the perfect person for him…

“When Maggie and I met up for dinner one night, she started talking about having to move eventually since she was in the military. I realized then that I wanted to be there and adventure with her and that I was in it for the long haul. A few months later, after planning a great camping trip to Maine, I decided to propose.”

Maggie and Mike, on their wedding color palette and theme… “Gold, purple, and green combined may seem like a wild Mardi Gras party, but with the focus on the purple and the gold, the event was rather elegant especially with the large spacious atrium at Pazzo’s. We wanted to keep it fun and loose so the green was mostly the floral arrangements, which included purple kale and palm fronds from Belles & Thistles.”

“The greenery also brought a little bit more texture and life to the refined and smooth atrium which was mostly marble, glass and metal with clean lines in the architecture. Much of the decor was collected or created by the bride, with quite a few of the floral arrangements being placed in wine bottle and spray painted beer cans, provided by Mike who rather enjoyed the task of emptying the cans.”

Maggieon her favorite memory from her wedding day…

“One of my favorite memories of the day was our vows. We had each written our own and Mike’s vows mentioned pumpkin beer, a key piece early in our relationship, and something that I later found Mike hated. When I heard that, I laughed. Which is exactly why I was marrying Mike in the first place; because he always knows how to make me laugh.”

Maggie and Mike, and bringing their families together…

“Being that our families are from two very different parts of the country, we wanted to make sure everyone felt welcome. With our big city venue and feel, we brought some country with some country music, the groom’s cowboy boots, and the grab-and-go desserts. Each of our families loved the wedding and found that we had mixed the two cultures just so, including both sides and bringing them together.”

“We didn’t want to do the standard tiered wedding cake for everyone. With all the dancing and the fact we had over 150 attendees, we wanted easy-to-grab desserts so we settled on donuts from Stan’s Donuts and cupcakes as well as basic flavored donuts from Mariano’s. We did do a mini purple ombre cake for us, from Maria’s Caketopia, flavored chocolate Guinness with a chocolate whiskey frosting, which was still very tasty a few days later!”

Mike, on his favorite memory from his wedding day…
“The best part for me was seeing everyone from different backgrounds and parts of our lives coming together and blending as one big group. We had people from around 17 states and two countries, Air Force officers and enlisted, veterans, rock climbers, lawyers, medical professionals, teachers, camp counselors, entomologist, students, bartenders and pastor, all coming together for our wedding.”


Monahan Photography (photography), Pazzo’s at 311 (ceremony/reception/catering), Don Borling (officiant),Sottero & Midgley via Eva’s Bridal of Oak Lawn (bride’s gown), JJ’s House (bride’s shoes) Julie Keenan Hair (bride’s hair/makeup), Joseph A. Bank (formalwear), Belles & Thistles Floral Design (floral/decor),Maria’s Kaketopia (cake), Mariano’s (cupcakes), Stan’s Donuts (donuts), Vistaprint (stationery), Big Fish Music Productions (entertainment), M&M Limousine Service (transportation)
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