Lauren and Adam’s summery nuptials infused the Art Institute’s gorgeous Modern Wing with vibrant florals and joyful tears.
When Lauren and Adam first met, they were both living in NYC. Adam was working as a production assistant for Miscreant Theatre Company and one night, Lauren came to support a former classmate at one of the company’s shows. After the show, Adam was bartending in the lobby and Lauren happened to stop by to grab a drink. They were together for five years before they got engaged but had Lauren not shown up that night, Adam’s life might have been completely different… right before Lauren came up, an older woman had asked for Adam’s number so she could give it to her granddaughter!
Lauren and Adam, on how they knew they were the perfect person for each other…
“We used a reading from Captain Corelli’s Mandolin by Louis de Bernieres that we feel describes our love so well. Our favorite line from that reading is- “Those that truly love, have roots that grow towards each other underground, and when all the pretty blossom have fallen from their branches, they find that they are one tree and not two.”
Adam, on how he proposed to Lauren…
“I’d had the ring for about two weeks. It was a Friday and Lauren was at work while I was working from home. I cleaned our apartment and bought a few dozen roses, then went over to the local used bookstore to buy a nice copy of Shakespeare’s Sonnets and figure out my game plan. Lauren came home from work and saw the first dozen roses right away. She was thrilled because she thought I was just being a nice boyfriend and had gotten her flowers. She actually took them to the kitchen to cut and clean them. Meanwhile, I was a nervous wreck and trying to get her into the library…”
“…Eventually I got her to come into the library, where I’d put another dozen roses. I sat her down and read a few sonnets that I’d picked out earlier. (It might be cliché but Lauren and I both love Shakespeare and she studied Shakespeare for her Masters so it’s meaningful to us!) I’d written an inscription in the book with a quote. At the bottom it said, ‘Will you marry me?’ I told Lauren that there was an inscription and she should read it. She said, ‘Who wrote it?’ and I said, “Me!” As she started to read it, I got the ring (which was behind me on a table). She screamed and started crying, and then I proposed and she started screaming even louder. The cat got really freaked out.”

Lauren and Adam, on why they decided to tie the knot in Chicago… “We’ve lived here in Chicago together for three years. It’s become our home, so we wanted our friends and family to come together where we lived. Adam grew up here and a lot of his family is here. We love Chicago and wouldn’t have had it any other way.”

When asked what their favorite memories from their celebration were, the couple unanimously agreed that their first dance was definitely one of the highlights. “We took lessons so we wouldn’t look totally foolish and we think they paid off,” the couple laughed. “Also, we absolutely LOVED the food!”

Lauren and Adam got married in the Modern Wing of the Art Institute, which they picked for its spaciousness and beautiful natural lighting. They knew they wanted to accentuate their wedding with lots of color and flowers, and the result was a beautiful ceremony full of pink, orange, and gold. “We wanted to embrace the summer season and use as much color as possible,” the couple explained. “Colette and the Flower Firm did an amazing job. They went beyond all expectations.”

Lauren and Adam simply could not stop gushing about all of their vendors. “Every single one was outstanding,” they said. ” We couldn’t have done any of it without their professionalism and stellar work. Our wedding band, Rendezvous, was unbelievable. Current songs, traditional songs, dance, whatever—they were amazing.  We’re also forever grateful to Nicki Eisenstein at BCR Events. She was so generous with her time and helped to make our wedding seamless. The collaboration of all our vendors made the whole day incredible. We loved every single moment!

Featured Vendors: Steve Koo (photography), The Art Institute of Chicago (venue), Rabbi Adam Chalom (officiant), Nicki Eisenstein from BCR Events (wedding coordinator), S&V Jewelry Chicago (rings), Lauren Cohen from Studio LMC (invites), The Flower Firm (floral/decor), BBJ Linens (linens), Renee Feldman Salon (hair), Kara Osborn from Salon Buzz (hair), Sara Estifantos (makeup), Caroline Shaw (stylist), Rendezvous (entertainment), Don Hankins from VDO Productions (videography)

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