Real Wedding: Annette + Mitch

After getting married in the same church where Annette’s parents tied the knot, the new couple celebrated with friends and family at Fountain Blue.
 Annette, on how she and Mitch met…
“We met while I was attending the University of Iowa about four years ago. My brother was coming to visit for the weekend and decided to bring his friend Mitch along with him. They were both Iowa graduates that had met freshman year. I had heard about Mitch, but didn’t really know him until we hung out that weekend. We really hit it off and ever since then, we’ve been inseparable. After two years of dating we got engaged.”


Mitch and Annette, on how they knew they were perfect for each other…
We knew we were the perfect person for each other because we could be ourselves without judgement. We loved each other with everything we had. We always put each other first in anything we did. We found joy in making the other person feel special, wanted, and loved. We always expressed how much we meant to each other, how beautiful/handsome the person was, and we always continued to bring each other up. We made each other feel like there was no greater love out there than the love that we had for each other and that is all we ever needed. 

Annette, on how Mitch proposed…
“After six months of dating, Mitch was diagnosed with cancer. It was from battling this life challenge that we both realized that our connection was one that would last forever. A year later, Mitch took me on a European vacation that included a stop in Poland to visit family. One afternoon in our hotel room in Krakow, I found a present sitting on the bed: a lock engraved with our names on the front and a beautiful love quote on the back. there was also a card that told the story of the love lock bridge…” 

“…We then walked down to the river where the bridge is located so we could place our lock. Before we threw the keys into the river, Mitch pulled me in close and began to say some sweet words which eventually lead to him getting down on one knee and proposing. At that moment, it felt like time had stopped and all that mattered was that I was going to be able to spend the rest of my life with my best friend, my partner in crime, the love of my life. Once I was able to catch my breath again, Mitch and I threw away our keys into the river, locking our love together forever. But our fairy tale didn’t end there- Mitch had a horse and carriage ride waiting for us, which took us through Krakow and eventually stopped at a castle. There, we were taken out onto a terrace for a private dinner that looked out over the river that we had just gotten engaged on.” 
Annette, on why the couple decided to get married in Chicago…
“We got married in Chicago because I’d always dreamed of getting married in the same church that my parents got married in: St. Hyacinth Basilica.”
Annette, on her favorite memory from wedding…
“I remember standing with my father at the church door entrance and looking into his eyes and truly feeling a fathers love. At that same time he looked back at me and said. “There’s still time, we can leave right now and forget this ever happened. You can still be my little girl.” And I said, “No daddy, I love you, but I’m ready to marry Mitch.” Right then the music started to play; I took one last look into my father’s eyes and was ready to meet the man of my dreams at the altar.”
Mitch, on his favorite memory from the wedding…
“Mitch said his favorite memory was at the church when the organ began to play. Everyone stood up, gazing towards the church door entrance, and I appeared through the door with my father. At that moment, a sudden, overwhelming feeling of joy and happiness brought tears to his eyes. He said that as walked down the aisle, a sense of bliss came over him knowing that he’d made the best decision of his life and couldn’t believe it was all coming true.” 

Featured Vendors: GReyes Photography (photos), St. Hyacinth Basilica (ceremony), Fountain Blue (reception), The Crystal Bride (bride’s gown + bridesmaids’ dresses), Men’s Wearhouse (groom + groomsmen’s formalwear), Cards&Pockets (invitations), Shamrock Florist (floral), Mirar Productions (videography), State of Mind DJ (entertainment), Marszalek Band (entertainment), Central Continental Bakery (wedding cake), Avital Limousine (transportation), Reverend Steven Bartczyszyn (officiant)
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