“After talking on and off for about a year (on social platforms from the Cretaceous Age), Neeral and Anu finally met in Evanston during the Summer of 2006. Was it love at first sight? It depends who you ask. But when it was time for Anu to head back to Boston, the two of them knew this was something special, so they decided to give long distance a try.

“From then on, it was countless flights between ORD and BOS as the two maintained this special something despite the 1,000 mile gulf between them. They supported one another through college and into medical school, navigating the highs and lows of the tumultuous journey.

“The gap was finally closed in 2012 when Anu moved to Chicago for residency. (Hallelujah!) The two of them went from living half a country apart to working in the same hospital. As if residency wasn’t enough of a time commitment, they adopted a cat (Milo) and dog (Holden), essentially converting their South Loop apartment into a small zoo.

“After 8 and a half years together, Anu proposed with the help of Milo and the loving support of both their families. Growing up, Neeral and Anu never imagined a world where they could celebrate their love, let alone a wedding. They feel so fortunate to have such extraordinary family and friends who have helped create a space for their lives together.” — Neeral and Anu