“Kramer knows I like surprises, so he made plans for a bike ride and picnic to a secret location on the third anniversary of our first date (June 27th). He got really into the idea, buying these high-tech camping chairs with pop-up tables on the the arm rests and coolers. They also converted into backpacks!
“So, we biked ourselves up to Eataly with our chair backpacks, picked up some cheese and meat and Italian sodas, and then made the trek down the lakefront trail to Promontory Pointe. I had a feeling he might propose, but after a while with no hints that he would ask, I just relaxed and enjoyed the lovely day.
“Suddenly, in my peripheral vision, I saw him put his phone down on the pop-up table. The next thing I knew, he  said, “Alright, Meghan, I’ve made you wait long enough.” He got down on one knee and proposed! I was completely surprised and started making some very high pitched sounds that meant YES. It was only after a few minutes did he tell me everything was recorded on his phone.
“We biked home, cleaned up, fell completely asleep from exhaustion, then finished the night with champagne on the roof deck five hours later!” — Meghan
























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