The Warwick Allerton Chicago swung by the blog to discuss the place setting trends that are taking 2017 by storm.

The theme or color palette you choose for your wedding day should resonate in every detail at your reception, especially when it comes to styling each guest’s place settings. Derrick Valenti of Warwick Allerton Chicago has shared the latest styles in memorable place settings to help guide you through your design process.

Pop of Color

Surprise your guests with a splash of color or a unique print for your table design. If you already have an excessive amount of pastel on the table, consider adding a bright, bold-colored item like a charger or plate that will complement muted tones. A vivid blue goes well with a soft pink, or a striking red with a pale beige.


Most couples find that translating their wedding’s theme or color palette into place settings can be difficult. Luckily, metallics work with almost any type of decor. Use gold-rimmed glasses or flatware to create a stylish table design. You should avoid mixing metallic hues, otherwise your table design could end up looking tacky.

Blush Tones

For those who like to keep things simple, blush tones are the way to go. This “barely there” color palette is a classic and can add elegance to almost any theme. You can pair it with black or cream for a sophisticated look, or use white to keep it modern and fresh-looking.

Vintage Glassware

If you want to turn the classiness-level up a notch, vintage glassware makes for a timeless design. Vintage champagne saucers, specifically, are very on-trend.