Photos by Will Knight Photography
Wedding photography is hard work, as Will Knight, of Will Knight Photography, knows from personal experience. The leading wedding and events photographer has traveled around the world to capture the perfect images of happy couples over the years. He is passionate about his craft and loves being able to tell the individual story of each couple. 

That story unfolds through a series of images for each wedding. It’s not just about capturing the perfect moments of the bride, groom and their nearest and dearest (although those parts are of course essential!) but also about picking up on the little details. 
Chicago wedding photographer Will Knight explains: 
“The bride and groom have often spent a lot of money on items like flowers, table decorations, chair covers, candles and so forth. All of these little touches add up to create the perfect wedding venue, but can often be overlooked during the busy events of the day. A good wedding photographer will ensure that all of these elements are captured as part of the shoot and that each is appreciated for its contribution to the overall ambience.”

Table decorations are a great example. These are often painstakingly chosen to contribute to the color scheme, add elegance and sometimes provide gifts such as vases that guests can take away as mementos of the day. The cost of table decorations can very quickly add up, particularly where fresh flowers are concerned, so it’s important to be able to capture the beauty of such items and in particular to do so before the guests sit down to eat. Table decorations surrounded by dirty crockery at the end of the feasting don’t make quite the same impression when captured on camera as they do when the tables are pristine at the start of the meal! 
The food itself is also an important detail for the overall story of the day: Many guests will have particularly fond memories of the weddings they’ve attended where the food has impressed them! But thought needs to be put into making sure that pictures of the food are perfect, observes Chicago wedding photographer Will Knight: “When you’re photographing the food at a wedding you don’t want to be leaning over guests’ shoulders while they wait to eat. Make sure you’re provided with your own meal to photograph at your leisure. Even if you’re not invited to partake of the meal yourself, sneak into the kitchen and photograph some of the dishes before the waiting staff carry them out to the guests to be sure that you capture them precisely as the chef intended. Just be sure not to get in the kitchen staff’s way!”
Knight advises having a checklist – either physical or mental – of all of the details you plan to photograph during the wedding in order to ensure that nothing is forgotten during the whirlwind of excitement on the day. From reflected candle light shimmering on highly polished glasses just waiting to be filled with wine to the perfect petals on the individually chosen blooms, no detail should be beyond the scope of a professional wedding photography who is committed to capturing every single moment of the event.  Will Knight is a specialist events photographer based in Chicago, IL. For more information on his services, call Will Knight Photography on 312.961.6067, Email: [email protected] or visit