Berta gowns are bold and creative! The collection this year delves into geometric patterns that are both modern and extremely romantic. Very sexy, these looks are definitely made for a confident bride that’s ready to strut her way down the catwalk — oops, we mean aisle.

Here’s what Berta’s company has to say about the new collection:

“Berta’s new collection is a sophisticated creation that pushes the boundaries of bridal fashion. 

“The inspiration for this collection came from the materials themselves. Instead of searching for inspiration on the outside, this time Berta decided to look inside. Into the beauty and depth of the exquisite laces, shiny stones, and soft chiffons. The raw materials are what gave life to this extraordinary collection. With emphasized sequences and patterns, they are meant to standout, and never leave the mind of those who have seen them.  

“As important as the design itself, the famous Berta fit is very distinguished in this collection as well. The modern, self-confidant and sophisticated bride, will feel as if those creations were made custom for her. 

“Berta’s uncompromising approach and devotion to always reinvent are the cornerstones of her style. After all, high-fashion is all about uniqueness and innovation, and this new collection shows once more why Berta is in a league of her own.”

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