Benchmark is a USA based manufacturer located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Benchmark was founded in 1973. Benchmark precision manufactures all precious metals and select boutique contemporary metals. Benchmark focuses on design, speed of delivery, ease of use and strong marketing support. Benchmark uses recycled precious metals. What are recycled precious metals? It means we use clean metal already available and previously mined. Benchmark is not mining nor contributing to the mining of precious metals. Benchmark is committed to preserving our Earth. Benchmark’s precious metals are also guaranteed to be 100% conflict-free in origin. Benchmark has an award-winning Business to Business website that gives you real-time pricing, 24-hour ordering, new product previews, accounting and a plethora of other tools to help make your life easier. Benchmark offers a Lifetime Guarantee on all our products. As a part of our lifetime guarantee program, if a Benchmark ring ever needs refinishing or resizing for the life of the ring, Benchmark will either repair or replace said ring as many times as necessary.


Chicago and Chicagoland, IL US

Please contact: Jason Coshatt

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