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Weddings are wonderful, happy events, but that doesn’t mean that the planning process always goes smoothly. As a special events photographer who runs his own Chicago-based company, I wanted to share my experience and my top tips for getting organized when it comes to wedding planning.

As far as weddings are concerned, an organized bride is a happy bride. The stress of wedding planning lies in how much there is to do, so organization is key to smoothing out the process.

My first recommendation is to start by making lists. Write down everything that springs to mind and the date by which it needs to be completed. Don’t forget to add in who is responsible for completing each task. The full list might look daunting at first, but it will help to ensure that nothing is missed. Plus you will quickly start striking things off and seeing visible progress.

Research is also essential! Make sure you talk to each vendor and get some background information before booking anyone. A great vendor will be flexible and ready to meet your individual needs. Just as each wedding is unique, so is each couple. A good photographer or vendor should be happy to adapt his style to suit your needs.

Another top wedding planning tip for brides to be is to get active on social media. As a photographer I recommend setting up a private social media site for the wedding party, to cut down on the emails and phone calls required as part of the planning process. A social media site ensures that all the information is in one place and guests can refer back to it any time they need to check something. It also helps to build excitement for the whole party during the time before your event, particularly if the bride to be has generated a unique hashtag to associate with the big day.

And the final tip for brides to be? Enjoy the planning process! Preparing for the wedding can be a lengthy process, but it’s all part of your own particular journey into married life. Try to look at it as part of the overall adventure, and remember that all of your hard work will pay off on your wedding day. The countless decisions about fabrics, flowers, and food will all come together beautifully in the end. Relax as much as you can and have fun.

Couples can also consider extending their wedding photography package to build on that sense of fun. Attending a dress fitting with the bridesmaids is a great way for the photographer to capture early images of little touches like shoes and earrings. It’s also a great way for the bride and her girlfriends to enjoy an afternoon together, while at the same time as getting to know their photographer in advance of the main event.

Thanks so much to Will  for all his amazing insight into the planning process! Will Knight is a wedding and events photographer based in Chicago. For more information on his services, call Will Knight Photography at 312.961.6067, email [email protected] or visit

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