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While the majority of engagement attention goes towards planning the wedding, planning a romantic honeymoon is important as well. No two couples are exactly the same, which means there’s no right way to honeymoon. For some newlyweds, jetting off to Switzerland to spend a week or two snuggled up in a mountain chalet is the perfect way to celebrate their marriage. For others, nothing says “romantic” quite like jumping out of airplanes in Central America or backpacking around Southeast Asia. Whether your ideal honeymoon involves cozy alone time, breathtaking adventure, or a mixture of both, the most important part of planning the perfect newlywed trip is staying true to yourselves. Once you’ve picked your dream destination, keep this handbook in your back pocket while you plan your trip and we promise you’ll be well on your way to acing your honeymoon. Scroll through our list of incredible honeymoon offerings now.