5 Ways to Find Your Perfect Home

First comes love, then comes marriage, and next comes finding the home of your dreams! Whether you’re searching for your very first house or an upgrade from your current digs, this quick house hunting guide is sure to come in handy. Written by Alice Martsinkovsky.

Figure out what your ‘perfect home’ looks like.

Grab a piece of paper and write down all of the things you must have in your new home- layout, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, open kitchen, etc. What are your non-negotiables? Once you finish that list, make a second list of items that are less essential.

Purchase a home that stays in budget.

Make sure to get pre-approved for a loan before going out to look at houses. It will make the buying process much easier and you will know exactly which houses to look at.

Location is important.

Drive a 2 mile radius around your home to get a feel for the area. Stalk the neighborhood and find out what it’s like at all times of the day, and make sure you’re comfortable with the location. Is it a family friendly neighborhood? Is it safe at night? What’s traffic like during commuting hours? A great way to get the real lay of the land is to knock on the neighbors’ doors and ask them for their honest opinions before you buy. It’s also important to consider the local schools. Even if you don’t have kids, you may want to take the school district into consideration for much further down the road when you’re thinking about resale.

Think about remodeling.

Many homes you will look at may not be in the best condition, but think about the potential of the house. Realize that most houses aren’t perfect to begin with and do your best to be realistic. Sometimes, all it takes is a little paint and new wood floors to turn a fixer-upper into your dream home. How about a kitchen or bathroom remodel? There are many easy tune-ups that can transform a house into a dream home.

Do a home inspection.

A home inspector looks at the house from a health and safety perspective and gives you an invaluable non-biased opinion. Thorough inspections address everything from GFCI outlets to those cute little red reset buttons which keep you from electrocuting yourself while blow-drying your hair. They also can help identify much more serious problems like mold, which can be potentially toxic.

Just like planning a wedding, shopping around for a new house can certainly feel overwhelming and exhausting at times, but the end result is well worth it. Finding your perfect home is an amazing way to start your new married lives together and with the help of an experienced real estate broker, you’ll be well on your way to finding your happily ever after.


Alice Martsinkovsky is a licensed Real Estate Broker with john greene Realtor in Naperville, IL. She quickly came to find that selling, buying and renting is high on the list of stressful things to do, especially when planning a wedding. She brings professional knowledge and just plain hard work in easing the stress and burden for her clients and helps them get to where they want to go. After all, engaged couples and newlyweds are the heart of her business.

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