How to Find A Makeup Artist for Your Wedding Day


One of the most important days of a bride’s life is her wedding day. In our minds we have a story that we have carried in our hearts for a very long time. It doesn’t matter if the wedding will take place in a big venue or a small ceremony in your backyard; it is a time to celebrate true love.

The pressure is high and every second counts in preparing for your wedding day. A bride wants to feel good and look beautiful on that special day. When your search starts in looking for a makeup artist, there are a couple things to consider:


You want to be sure that you do a trial with your makeup artist at least 4-6 weeks before the big day. This will not only set the stage so things run smoothly on your wedding day, but also will identify if the makeup artist’s personality is the right fit for you. You don’t want to spend a lot of up close and personal time with someone if your styles are totally different. A makeup artist should be professional and have excellent communication skills.

Experience and Training

I believe that education is important, as well as experience. Ask your makeup artist to see examples of her prior work. Every makeup artist should shave a look book or portfolio they can share with you. This not only displays their experience, but also their style. Be sure to ask how long they have been a makeup artist and where they got their training.

Technology changes all the time so do the current makeup trends. Ask your makeup artist if she has experience with mature skin and knowledge of color theory. Most bridal parties will have people of all ages and all different skin tones. You may also want to ask if she knows how to work with problem skin. Your makeup artist should be trained in all aspects of artistry. Color correction is very important to know when working with clients for the first time, especially under tight time constraints. Everyone brings something beautiful and unique to the wedding that day. If someone from your bridal party has problem skin or wants to hide a scar, your makeup artist should know how to adjust their techniques to each individual need.

Ask your makeup artist about their products. Do they have makeup for all skin types and do they use camera ready makeup? It is important to use the right product for the right reason. Some makeup might not have the pigment or texture that is right for the bride’s big day.


One of the first questions most brides ask a makeup artist is: “What is the cost for your services?” You may wonder what is it that you are paying for. You are paying for their time, creativity and their use of product. Your makeup artist should be able to tell you the price of the trial and the prices for the actual wedding day. There may be extra costs for lashes, airbrush makeup, or additional makeup services. You can also expect to have a cost for mileage depending on distance from their place of work to yours. Be sure to ask if there are additional costs for mileage.

The amount of time you invest with your search for your makeup artist will surely pay off in the end on your wedding day. You will feel comfortable knowing that you and your makeup artist got everything out of the way in the trial and communicated all your needs up front.

Dana Schuster is a Freelance Makeup Artist with over 10 years experience under her belt working with brides in the Chicagoland area preparing them for their special day. She is also the owner of Clarity Make Up Artistry. She’s worked with MAC, Bobbi Brown and Senna Cosmetics, and is a state-certified makeup artist by Makeup First, LLC. For more information on Clarity Makeup Artistry, email or call 630-802-2991.


Photography: Mark Serrano / Makeup + Hair: Dana Schuster, Clarity Makeup Artistry / Designer: C. Rinella Designs / Model: Iryna Kindelevych

Article originally published in VS Chicago

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