It’s the final day of Engagement 101, and we’ve saved the best for last: your actual wedding day. In addition to picking up a few last minute tips and tricks, learn how to share your wedding with our readers after you’ve tied the knot.

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The Week Before I Do:

Despite the fact that you’ve got almost a year’s worth of wedding planning under your belt, the seven days before you tie the knot can feel like the last lap of an Olympic race. It’s time to get all the final pieces in order, and no matter how confident you are in your ability to multi-task, please trust us: the sooner you can cross things off the list below, the better you’ll feel!

  1. Head to your local county clerk’s office and get your marriage license. The licenses are good for up to 60 days, so if you can get this done even sooner, do so!
  2. If you haven’t already, write your toasts and vows. Give yourself plenty of time to gather your thoughts, write, edit, and rewrite. We recommend giving your vows a test run. Whether it’s your mom, a sibling, or your maid of honor, read your vows aloud to someone who will give you honest feedback.
  3. Make a list of wedding day tasks and then give assignments to your wedding party. Make sure to spread the tasks evenly, and remember that your supporting ladies and gents will need time to primp and get ready too.
  4. Confirm your timeline and details with all of your vendors, or ask your wedding planner to do so. Do your best not to make any major changes after this point.
  5. Notify your caterer of the final guest count. This is also a great time to remind them of any allergies or dietary restrictions.
  6. Don’t procrastinate- pack for your honeymoon at least a week before your wedding if you and your new spouse are jetting off immediately after your celebration. All your excitement and jitters will make it a little hard to think straight, so consider hopping on Pinterest and looking up packing checklists.
  7. Choose a spa and schedule a mani-pedi. Now is not the time to be banking on getting that walk-in appointment.
  8. Take deep breaths. Try to relax and catch some sleep. And remember that while tomorrow might not go exactly the way you planned it, it will still be absolutely perfect.
After “I Do”

While you’re basking in your newlywed glow, don’t forget to share your wedding photos and story! Getting your celebration published online or in a magazine is a great way not only to relive your wedding, but to spread the word about what an incredible job all of your vendors did.

ChicagoStyle Weddings loves nothing more than sharing your weddings! Head over to our Real Weddings page to see couples who’ve been featured in the book, or scroll through our blog and get inspired by countless local love stories, like Lindsay & Phillip’s.

Engagement 101 is in session for a total of 6 weeks! Catch up on all of the lessons here.

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