The Warwick Allerton Chicago swung by the blog to discuss glitter- a wedding trend that’s here to stay. 
Glitter is a popular decorative accent for weddings. The trend certainly catches the eye, but can make a presentation appear cheap if overdone. Derrick Valenti of Warwick Allerton Chicago has shared a few tips on how to embrace the glitter trend in a tasteful way at your wedding.
Accent Nails
One way the bride can show a subtle pop of sparkle is with statement nails. These catch the light without taking away from the elegance of a manicure. If you’re going with a metallic shade, be sure to take jewelry choice into consideration. If you’re wearing a gold necklace, you may want to go with a gold accent nail.
Hair Accessories
Whether you’re rocking a veil or voluminous curls, you’ll want your wedding hair to be on point throughout the celebration. A small accessory can do a lot in establishing a sophisticated bridal look. Adding a few small gemstones to a veil or headband can dress it up further.

Exit in Style
In recent years, couples have adopted alternatives to the tradition of throwing rice after the ceremony. From bubbles to noisemakers, there are many creative ways to make an exit. Provide guests with small tubes of glitter to throw into the wind as you walk by for a fairy dust effect.
You don’t need to douse your table in glitter to get an eye-catching effect. Use tablecloths with a subtle glitter accent to give the whole room a soft shine. To best illuminate these touches, warm candle light brings out the sparkle in a refined way.

Bright and Bubbly
Dip the rim of your champagne glasses in edible glitter for a sweet and sparkly decoration. It is a small way to work bling into your day, but makes a big impact when guests toast to your new married life.
Dazzling Dessert
Glitter cake pops are a modern trend that brings your dessert table to new heights. Simple white glitter makes for a frosted and elegant look. Tie a thin black ribbon on the stick for a classy upgrade.
Just remember, a little glitter goes a long way. If you want to up the elegance factor, consider incorporating dark-colored flowers into your wedding day.