Venue: The Guesthouse Hotel Rentals: M&M The Special Event Company

Every bride has dreamed about her wedding day since she was a little girl, and we go to any measure to help those dreams come to life. The best part of catering weddings is the hug at the end of the event from the clients! We’ve laways been told that all you need is good food and good service and everything else will fall into place.

–Bauer’s Catering

There’s something so special and magical about playing a role in one of the best days of a couple’s life. It’s an exciting time and being able to share our enthusiasm in their event is very fulfilling. Seeing couples and the love they share celebrated by their closest friends and family members is of life’s greatest gifts.

–Jewell Events Catering

We love dreaming up ways to make each couple’s wedding a little more ‘them’. There is nothing like seeing someone we’ve built a relationship with through planning their event have the biggest smile and twinkle in their eye from marrying their best friend. It makes the stressful days of event planning all worth it.

–Weber Grill Catering

We love to cater wedding because we get to help make a dream come true. Every bride has a vision of what their day will look like, and we’re able to help them achieve that dream. To see the bride and groom at the end of the night and have them thank us for making their wedding day amazing, that’s why we do it.

–Chic Chef Catering

We love details, big and small, and weddings are full of them. We love everything from designing a menu that showcases the couple’s different backgrounds to tailoring a tablescape from the Pinterest board to having dad’s drink ready for him after the ceremony. It’s truly rewarding to see all the pieces come together to build an unforgettable day.

–The Caterist