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Chicago Barn Wedding Venues

For Chicago brides, the dream wedding day might not mean city streets and skyline views. Chicago barn and farm wedding venues are a trendy way to take advantage of the Illinois countryscape and whisk your family and friends into a serene setting unlike any city venue. Barn and farm wedding venues in Chicago may require a drive away from the hustle and bustle of the Magnificent Mile, but for the quiet setting with thousands of stars there to light your night, we here at The Celebration Society are sure you and your guests won’t mind leaving the city behindif only for a night.

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Barn and Farm Wedding Venues in Chicagoland

Are you a Chicago bride, groom, or party planner looking for a country-chic barn and farm event venue? If you’re searching for venues with plenty of open space, a clean-slate setting, and a million-dollar-view of the nighttime sky, you’re in luck. The Celebration Society is here to connect you with the Chicago barn and farm event venue of your dreams.

Whether you’re a lifetime city slicker or a country-girl at heart, barn and farm venues are sure to please. The easy, laid-back setting of a farm combined with the simple beauty of a clean-slate barn venue allows you to host the event of your dreams, without sacrificing elements of design. When choosing a Chicago barn and farm wedding venue it’s important to keep guest comfort in mind. Farm and barn wedding outside of Chicago doesn’t have to mean smelly pastures and dirty gravel floors. Barn and farm event venues today are decked out with even the simplest amenities your guests may not expect—like luxurious bathrooms, comfortable air conditioned spaces during the spring and summer, and cozy fireplaces for the winter and early spring. Whatever time of year you host your special event, a barn and farm wedding venue in Chicago is the perfect place to play host.

When preparing to select the perfect barn and farm event venue for your special day, it’s important to keep a few key elements in mind. Chances are your barn and farm venue might have neighboring properties who aren’t so keen on partying all night along with your guests. Be sure to ask all about noise ordinances and what time you need to wrap up your celebration. Also, be sure to ask how many guests can comfortably be seated inside the barn event venue. Chances are, there are some sort of structural supports that will take up some of that valuable event space.  While there may not be any horses living in the barn, guests certainly don’t want to feel as though they’ve been stuffed off into a stall during dinner service. Work with you Chicago event planner to ensure guest seating is maximized and your design can be executing flawlessly. It’s essential that your event planner have a firm grasp on the event space, so if you are able to bring him or her along for the initial tour, be sure to do so. Don’t forget to bring your hard copy of The Celebration Society magazine along with you! There are valuable and insightful questions within those pages to help your tour stay informative and on-track.

If you’re looking to host an elegant event on a barn or farm venue the design options are limitless. Oftentimes barn and farm event venues will have popular design elements available in-house, but Chicago event rental vendors will definitely have everything you need to create the perfect party atmosphere. Ask about lighting options—like lanterns, string lights, and outdoor lighting to amp up the ambiance in the space. Using clever drapery design also makes even the most industrial-style barn feel formal. Work with your Chicago florist to discuss how floral design can play a large role in transforming, or highlighting, the Chicago barn and farm event venue into the space of your dreams.