We the people who live to infuse effortless style and tasteful details into every occasion.
The celebration society is where celebrators and companies connect to create party planning magic.  Welcome to the club…

Cheers to #thecelebrators

We’re the party planners, the dreamers, doers, the coordinators of chaos.  We look for every occasion to throw a party, make a toast, toss confetti and turn up the music in celebration.  On the grand or intimate scale – we infuse effortless style and tasteful details because details matter.  We’re gift givers, and thank you note senders.  We believe in gathering, going offline and getting face time.  The real kind.  And we do it all with a gracious heart with our guests in mind.  We’re the celebrators of life.


We are for gracious celebrating.

A gracious celebrator prepares an occasion with her guests in mind by carefully planning out each detail of the party with impeccable thought.  Imagining things like the feeling a person will get when they receive a special invitation in the mail, the conversations that will be had because of a uniquely designed seating arrangement, the flavors that will be tasted because of an artfully planned menu, and what guests will see and hear because of the lighting decisions and music selection.

All of these elements come together to create a beautiful environment and everlasting memories all because of a gracious host.

It is our core belief that celebrations, no matter the type or scale, are the ultimate occasion to entertain guests,  host good company and gather with new friends.  And, the party is the platform in which a hostess’ talent can truly shine.