Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Celebration Society?

We are a wedding and special event media with it’s sole focus on elevating the vendor/client relationship.  The relationship with our reader goes beyond style-savvy ideas & pretty pictures to the very core of party planning:  hiring a trustworthy creative team to seamlessly execute an upcoming occasion.  Because of that, our sole focus is on elevating the vendor/client relationship.  We don’t promote DIY or how to negotiate with vendors… instead we bring light to the talented people and the amazing places that make weddings (and parties) wonderful everyday.   We put a face with a business name and story behind a company slogan so brides, moms and party planners can hire with confidence.

It is our belief that you don’t have to do it yourself and you certainly don’t have to hire a stranger. You can meet them here.

Where can I find your magazine?

The Celebration Society produces two print publications, Weddings and Parties. The Weddings edition is distributed four times per year and can be found at select bridal expos and retail and vendor locations across the Southeast and Chicago. To find a retailer near you, go here.

The Parties edition is distributed once per year and can be found at area bar/bat mitzvah expos, various vendors and several party retailers throughout the Southeast and Chicago.

What is an Accredited Member of The Celebration Society?

An accredited member is a company The Celebration Society recognizes as practicing reputable business practices in the wedding and special events industry, while pushing the envelope in style, technique and art form.  They seek to advances themselves through continuing education, networking and friendly vendor relationships and bring a fresh perspective and level of service to every new client they work with.

Why was this membership formed?

The Celebration Society does not work with the venue / vendor community to merely sell advertising. Rather, we’re fired up about discovering the companies who are performing outstanding acts of service and talent for these milestone occasions and connecting celebrators like brides, grooms, moms and hostesses with them.

These are the companies who are trendsetters, wave makers, experimenting with new techniques while always performing consistent work.  They believe in customer love. Community over competition and servicing all customers equally.

We created the membership program to differentiate ourselves from traditional advertising mediums.  Our mission to be clear to our readers and the industry that a relationship with The Celebration Society is an earned one and not something just any company can call up and pay for.

What it means to be Accredited?

To be an accredited member, means that you are officially recognized by The Celebration Society as being a reputable company within the wedding and party industry that readers can trust to provide quality good and services.

How do we decide to invite a company?

Our editors continually watch companies through social media channels, blogs, magazines and review sites to monitor performance, talent, art form and reputation.  When a company stands out in their level of consistency and quality of work they are invited to join.

Is there an approval process?

For companies who have been invited to join there is no approval process.  For companies that wish to become members, you may fill out a form applying for membership online to introduce your company to The Celebration Society here.

Can anyone join?

No.  Companies have to be invited to join in order to be considered for membership within The Celebration Society.  Businesses can inquire about membership if they would like to put their company on our editor’s radar to consider for membership here.

What benefits are included in The Celebration Society Membership?

The Celebration Society is more than just advertising.  In a crowded industry saturated with lists of anyone and  everyone, the network delivers exclusive exposure, credibility and recognition for our members and a stress-free party-planning experience for our readers.  Additionally, Members of The Celebration Society receive a business profile on (like this one), Rights to the coveted ‘accredited member’ badge, they are first in line for limited print marketing opportunities, first in line for editorial opportunities and all member editorial submissions are considered for editorial features before non-members.