5 Ways to Take Your Guests’ Breath Away

Hannah Bunbury of the Warwick Allerton Hotel Chicago discusses extravagant weddings and gives tips on how to create a truly dramatic affair.

If you’re a “go big or go home”
couple, you’ll no doubt be searching for ways to take your wedding guests’
breath away at every turn. The good news? Extravagance doesn’t necessarily mean a big budget if you know where to place your wedding dollars for maximum effect.
1. Dramatic Lighting Accents
If done correctly, lighting sets the mood and creates a magical setting for you and your guests. Candles in a variety of
holders and heights is a subtle way to convey romance, but to make a big impact, look into special lighting techniques. Pin spotting, or highlighting small
focal points with miniature spotlights, can transform an ordinary centerpiece
or seating card table into an enchanting piece of art. You’ll notice that the
way you light your wedding will trickle over and enhance many other aspects of
your wedding as well.

2. Colorful Atmosphere
The colors you choose set the tone
for the rest of your wedding details. Trendy wedding color schemes vary by
season, but always consider the style and atmosphere you want at your wedding.
If you want a dramatic scene, then a dark or jewel-tone palette, like ruby red
and black or emerald and gold, is a better choice than pastels.

3. Outside-the-Box Dance Floor
The dance floor is an essential
element at every wedding, and you have the opportunity to transform this blank
canvas into a stage. A gold-tinted, mirrored dance floor with lights above will
entice your guests to get up and dance. You can also ask your DJ about the
different dance floor tiles available, as well as the best way to light the
area. Get your florist involved as well to incorporate your wedding day blooms into the design.
4. A Towering Statement Cake
wedding cake is the staple of any wedding and a great way to make your guests’
jaws drop. Take this opportunity to show off every remarkable and delicious
detail with intricate patterns, geometrics or metallics. For a more
budget-friendly option, consider decking out your cake in a cascade of florals
that match the centerpieces and lighting the display with pin spotting.
5. Upgraded Evening Snack
Evening snacks are a fun way to
refresh your wedding guests after a long night of dancing in your honor.
Comfort foods are popular choices, but think about taking them a step further
with a drink pairing. Boozey milkshakes and french fries or a craft beer and
pretzel pairing will leave that final lasting impression with your guests.
The Warwick Allerton Chicago Hotel is a soaring art deco hotel known for its unique and stunning nuptials. To learn more, head over to their website.

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