5 Reasons You Can’t Go Wrong With Roses

Guest Post: Hannah Bunbury of the Warwick Allerton Chicago
dishes on the best ways to incorporate this timeless flower into your Big Day.

The rose has been a symbol of love
since the days of Ancient Greece, and the tradition of giving roses to a
significant other began in Victorian times. This classic flower has been a major
staple in wedding ceremonies and receptions for decades, but it’s it has recently
seen a surge in popularity thanks to its versatility and easy availability.  

Hannah Bunbury, catering sales manager at the Warwick Allerton Chicago, has worked with many couples who have incorporated roses into
their Chicago wedding. Here are her five reasons why roses are the right flower for every couple on the road to “I do”.
1. A Fit for Every Budget
It’s a common misconception that
roses are only for couples with big wedding budgets at their disposal. In
reality, roses are available in a variety of price points depending on size and
breed. Tea and spray roses make a powerful impact as accents to centerpieces.
For a more romantic (but pricier) addition, Juliet garden roses are the
ultimate in large, fairy tale-like blooms.

2. In-Season Convenience
It’s more cost-effective to choose
wedding flowers that are in season during your wedding; fortunately, roses are
always in season! There are certain varieties that bloom once or twice a year –
like the English or Damask roses – but many are repeat and continuous bloomers.
Any local florist will be able to tell you which species are available in your
3. Beyond Red and White
While red and white rose are quite
striking, don’t assume your choice is limited to these colors. There are over a
hundred different types of roses and even more hybrid species — from the yellow
and red ‘Hocus Pocus’ rose to the two-toned red and cream Nostalgie rose. These
versatile blooms can stand alone or blend nicely with just about any other
4. Inspire Creative Decor
Because each rose bud is beautiful
all on its own, the wedding ceremony and reception decor opportunities are endless.
Think beyond the bridal bouquets and get creative by topping your cake with a
brightly colored rose bunch. Or simply float blooms in a shallow vase for an
ethereal effect.

5. Part of Your Ceremony

Couples can also create their own
rose ceremony during the actual wedding. In addition to exchanging rings, the
bride and groom gift each other a long stem rose to signify the giving and
receiving of love. Couples can also present their mothers with long stem roses
as a symbol of their love and appreciation. 

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