What to Expect at a Cake Tasting

Let’s be real, how many of us have been to a cake tasting?
It isn’t something most people do on a daily basis, so we want to prepare you
for your cake tasting experience!
First things first, come hungry! We definitely don’t
recommend coming for a tasting immediately after you meet with your caterer or
potential caterer. You’re going to be tasting anywhere from two to four
different cake flavors and two to four filling flavors. It might not sound like
a lot, but trust us, the cake is so delicious, you’ll have a hard time not
finishing it!
Next, come prepared. This tip is two-fold. For starters,
have a general idea of your budget. Wedding cake is normally priced by the
slice and typically starts around $5.50 per slice. If you’re hoping to keep
costs down for your cake, opt for a smaller cake and serve your guests sheet
cake. Also, the more ornate the design, the more expensive the cake, so keep
that in mind for the second part of this tip if you’re hoping to stay within a
certain budget.
If you’ve started looking online for inspiration or have
photos of what you’re looking for, bring them with. This will give our cake
artists a better idea of your style and the look and feel you’re going for. We
can absolutely work with you to make your dream cake a reality (and in your
budget)! If you’ve dreamt of intricate details and 5-tiers, but you’re only
having 100 guests, we’ll still make that beautiful cake, just a bit smaller!
Finally, keep it intimate. Family (moms in particular) want
to be included in all phases of wedding planning, but sometimes having too many
opinions can actually end up confusing you and your fiancé. We’ll gladly
welcome additional guests to your tasting (within reason), but from our
experience, it’s usually best to keep your tasting small. This will give you
two the opportunity to chat about the things that are more important to you
with regards to your cake and sweets.

We can’t wait to help you get starting planning your dream
A big thanks to Tatiyana and the team at Jewell Events Catering for their ideas on what to expect at a cake tasting! View their new Urban Icing location to explore the new event space and book your custom cake tasting today! 
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