Keep Your Wedding Cake on Trend with These Top Designs


Your wedding cake is one of the
most iconic symbols of your special day, a completely custom design tailored to
the bride and groom. Wedding cakes provide a rare opportunity as you can go as
crazy and unique or as classic and understated as you want. It’s tough to
Hannah Bunbury of the Warwick Allerton Chicago works with brides and grooms at the Warwick Allerton Chicago
in creating their perfect wedding day. Here are a few of the wedding cake
trends she expects to see throughout the rest of 2016.
Buttercream is Back
Fondant cakes can be molded into
just about any size or shape, but nothing beats the creamy taste of a classic
buttercream cake. Brides and grooms are opting for this simple vanilla frosting
in a smooth finish to give their wedding cake a relaxed, rustic vibe. Finish
your creation with a whimsical topper to tie it all together.
Combine Cake and Florals
A simple yet elegant way to make
your wedding cake pop is to add bright florals throughout each tier. This works
especially well if you can use the same flowers in your centerpieces or
bouquets. Try a monochromatic design with sprigs of color or tone down a bold
pattern with simple white buds.
Shine on with Metallics
Golds and silvers have appeared on
runways over the past several years, and now they’ve made their way into
wedding day delicacies. Even if flash and bling isn’t your style, adding
some shine to one tier or the whole cake will give your celebration a true wow
Go Bold with Black
Don’t be afraid to think outside the
box by choosing a black wedding cake. Matte tiers and intricate designs will
give your cake a new level of style. Red roses will create an old Hollywood
glamour moment, while metallic accents or toppers make it a modern affair.

Once you have your style picked
out, you get to schedule one of the most beloved steps in wedding planning:
cake tasting!  
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